At Holistic Hydration, we believe that every patient deserves our dedicated time, attention and care.
It doesn't matter if it is your first time to see us or your 100th, we will always provide you with the same great service.
We provide our patients with not only comfort, but privacy as well. No one likes discussing their health with a stranger sitting next to you, which is why we offer private treatment rooms vs an open space.
Each of our four treatment rooms feature flat screen TVs with DirecTV Now, Netflix and Hulu to choose from.
So come see us, lean your recliner back and relax in privacy and comfort with us!
The patient will complete our Patient Assessment
           You will only complete the Patient Assessment once, but you will review it on EVERY visit
The Nurse and patient will complete the Treatment Assessment 
                                      This is completed for EVERY visit
The patient's vitals will be taken:
                                                                          Blood Pressure     Heart Rate       Temperature      Oxygen %     
The Nurse will review both assessments, determine patient suitability and treatment options
The patient's bag is mixed in our Medical Room
The Nurse returns, starts the IV and will monitor each patient during their treatment
Medical History    Medications    Allergies
           Fluids               Vitamins           Medications



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