Hydration Nation is a collective of local Health & Wellness businesses that help facilitate people living and healthier and happier life. Each business within the Hydration Nation has their own special discounts, packages and other perks that are available ONLY to Hydration Nation Members. 


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At D1, they believe in training the entire body as a unit to produce optimal human performance. No gimmicks, no fads; they utilize trusted and proven training techniques used to build the world's best athletes and deliver them in age-appropriate programs led by their expert coaches. Nothing at D1 is random. Every workout, every day follows a strategic 8-week training cycle that is meticulously planned and backed by sports science.
25% off monthly group training memberships & 50% off in store products
The Recovery Shop is in all inclusive one stop shop to help your body feel it’s best. Your experience is limitless from specialized Sports Massage Therapist to relaxing in their cozy chairs enjoying one or all of the Recovery tools they have to offer! Whether you’re a professional athlete or an individual dealing with day to day pain, they have something to help you recover!
$25 off unlimited cryotherapy memberships & free LD Recovery Tank
But Did You Die Training is an athletic based training facility that specializes in strength and conditioning, speed and agility, sport specific training and OCR training. They also offer adult boot camps and strength classes. Their coaches are NSCA and/or USAW certified; former collegiate and professional athletes and have a passion for helping others reach their full potential.
$25 off first month's membership
10xPhysiotherapy is a concierge physiotherapy service dedicated to helping time-crunched professionals prevent injury or heal by bringing effective, evidence-based physical therapy to homes and offices in the Birmingham area. Their goal is to help prevent injury, ease your pain, prepare for and recovery after surgery, and build your strength without the challenges of insurance directed clinic visits.
$40 off concierge personal physical therapy session
Profile is a personalized weight loss program designed to be customized for each member, meaning certified coaches will tailor your Plan to you for every step of your weight loss journey. Profile combines nutrition with activity and lifestyle changes to get you the results you want, because we know that the only program that works is the one you will stick with.
50% off memberships & 25% off Profile foods

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